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ImageThe highest rating factual program in subscription television history, Kings Cross ER: St Vincent’s Hospital, returns on Thursday, February 14 at 7.30pm AEDT for another heart-stopping look at the workings of one of the busiest emergency departments in Australia.

Each episode of the fast-paced 10-part observational documentary series, filmed right in the heart of inner-city Sydney, follows an incredible team of doctors, nurses and specialists, led by the longest-serving Emergency Department director in Australia, Professor Gordian Fulde, as they work around the clock in the frenetic environment that is the St Vincent’s Emergency Department.

From the minute these medicos walk in to the emergency ward on any given day, they are faced with anything from stab and gunshot wounds, to drug overdoses, alcohol-fuelled injuries and car crash casualties – to performing immediate life-saving surgery.

In what is the most diverse catchment area in any emergency ward in Australia, the entertainment hub of Kings Cross, there is nothing that the brilliant St Vincent’s team cannot handle.

A case in point is in episode one of the series, where emergency staff are faced with a once-in-a-lifetime case when a young man, Australian hip-hop artist and X-Factor contestant Jelal Edmonds, is rushed in by paramedics after being stabbed in the heart during a fight outside a nightclub.

In the ultimate, against-all-odds fight to bring the patient back from the brink of death, the St Vincent’s team, led by Dr Lee Blair and Dr Michael Byrom, pull together in an incredible situation which sees them perform a specific surgery called a thoracotomy - right on the spot in the resuscitation bay.

Dr Byrom, in a race against the clock, is then forced to plug the beating heart of the dying young man with his finger and stitch it, in a rare, history-making medical maneuver and what is one of the most compelling real-life scenes ever captured on Australian television.

Kings Cross ER: St Vincent’s Hospital - on the Crime & Investigation Network only on Foxtel.

Kings Cross ER: St Vincent’s Hospital – Series 2
10 x 30 min series (Ep 1 special 60 min episode)
Starts on Thursday, February 14 at 7.30pm AEDT
Only on CI Network

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