Trainee Enrolled Nurse Course

Significant changes to the structure and mode of delivery of the Enrolled Nurse (EN) Program has occurred in 2009. Due to these changes St. Vincent’s hospital no longer offers its Trainee Enrolled Nurse Course.

What does the new course provide?
The new EN course provides students with both theory and clinical experience throughout the program.

Where can I do the new course?
It is offered via recognised training institutions that have been granted recognition by the Nurses and Midwives Board (NSW), e.g. TAFE.

How do I apply?
Students are to apply directly to the training institution for course admission. Students are also responsible for all course fees associated with the training program. These fees may vary depending on the training institutions.

What about employment?
Once students have qualified as an Enrolled Nurse they can then seek employment with a health facility.

More Information
For information on how to become an Enrolled Nurse and the recognised training institutions please visit the NSWHealth website.