The Pharmacy Department provides a comprehensive Pharmacy Service which promotes high quality and cost effective drug use for all patients of St Vincent's Hospital. Services include:

  • Clinical pharmacy services
  • Inpatient and outpatient pharmacy services
  • Drug information
  • Clinical trial services
  • Drug usage evaluation
  • Research and teaching activities

The Pharmacy Department is situated in the Therapeutics Centre and enjoys a close liaison with the Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and the Department of Clinical Pharmacology. There are also conjoint Teacher/Practitioner Pharmacist positions with the University of Sydney.

The Pharmacy Department has a commitment to staff education and continued professional development. There are normally two graduate positions each year.


Inpatient and Clinical Pharmacy Service

The Inpatient Pharmacy is responsible for the supply and dispensing of all medicines to inpatients and for the supply of medicines on discharge.

A clinical pharmacy service is provided to all inpatients whereby clinical pharmacists visit wards to review medication charts, monitor drug therapy and to facilitate the supply of medicines to the wards. Clinical pharmacists advise on safe, effective and economical use of medicines and provide drug information to medical, nursing and allied health staff.

Medication counselling is provided to patients and compliance aids (eg medication cards) are provided when appropriate. Clinical pharmacists are involved in ward rounds, the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) advisory service and provide dosage predictions for relevant drugs.

Outpatient pharmacy

The Outpatient Pharmacy provides services for ambulatory patients attending outpatient clinics or receiving treatment within St Vincent's Hospital. The pharmacy provides a restricted range of medicines, which are not freely available at local pharmacies.

This pharmacy also dispenses medicines under Section 100 (highly specialised drugs program) of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) for patients of consultants of St Vincent’s Hospital and authorised General Practitioners.

Click here for the Outpatient Pharmacy Hours of Service

Outpatient medication charges

Please note the change in pricing structure:
NSW Ministry of Health has advised that from 1st January 2012, a co-payment will be charged for EACH item dispensed. Therefore, e.g., if you require 2 strengths of one medication, you will be required to pay 2 co-payments.

For patients presenting with an Australian Medicare card (as per PBS ruling) the cost for the calendar year 2015 is:

 $37.70 or
 per item for a non-concession patient depending on the
 medication dispensed. The Safety Net threshold for 2015 is $1453.90
 $6.10  per item for a concession card holder (e.g. Pension, Vet Affairs, Health Care Card etc). The Safety Net threshold for 2015 is $366.00

Note: Where patients do not hold a valid Australian Medicare card then outpatient drug supply will not normally be available through the Public Health system.

  Location  Level 3 Xavier Building
 St Vincent’s Hospital
 T 02 8382 2594